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Thread: How to create a custom passfilt.dll for Windows 2003 DC

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    How to create a custom passfilt.dll for Windows 2003 DC

    I am looking for some solution that can help me to modify the Password Complexity in Active Directory. I searched on web for some simple solution bu not able to find anything on it. It looks that the only way to change is simply creating a passfilt.dll file. Later on you will need to register the custom dll and then move ahead with configuration of password complexity. Is there a easy way available than this.

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    I will not recommend you to do that. That is a security feature and if you try to modify the same you might face problem with it. It is better you keep it as it is so that you can somehow keep your system secure. Now If still you want to move ahead then you will need to search for some third party software that can do this.

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    I am giving you some resources which will help you in finding solution for your issue. Passfilt.dll is provided by Microsoft that offers you internal password policy. For modifying that you will need to understand it well. Or else there can be configuration later on. I do not think any separate dll is going to support this. Just for reference check out the links below one by one.
    Password Filters
    Password Filter Programming Considerations

    Security Management Functions

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