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Thread: Group Policy sometimes not being applied.

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    Group Policy sometimes not being applied.

    I am facing a serious problem with group policy configuration. The issue mostly lies with network drives. The mapping fails everytime here. To add the access again on them it takes a long time. I am not able to find out why the same really fails. There is only a single server available on my network and things look to be working fine here. There is no problem with the configuration.

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    RE: Group Policy sometimes not being applied.

    Try to run gpupdate /force and then check back. I am going to give you some of the most common reasons that can help you to find out what is the issue behind the same. The most common issue is improper dns. If your dns is working fine, then most of the issue are simply resolved by it. You have to check the dns connectivity here. If auto settings are not working just add them manually. The second thing you can do is configure the same through group policy object.

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    It looks your gpo settings is not proper. You have to reconfigure the value back again and then check back. Due to wrong values this kind of problem appear. You have to work on the same from scratch. And then only it looks the issue will be solved. You can use a group policy editor software to modify the settings.

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