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Thread: Where are Trusted Sites listed in Group Policies?

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    Where are Trusted Sites listed in Group Policies?

    I need some help here to work with Internet Explorer. I want to add trusted site on the same. But somehow it looks the group policy are not allowing me to work on the same. I am having some specific system only to run those website. So there is no need to add those settings on many settings. I had did this before but did not actually remember how can simply fix it up.

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    For that you can simply checkout stuff in user configuration. Go in Windows Settings and then simply click on IE Maintenance. In that you can find a security options where you can have to click on Security zone. There you can find the settings that you are looking for. You can check out different modes in that place and apply. But if you want to do the same on different system then you have to do that manually.

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