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Thread: Unblock files copied from another server

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    Unblock files copied from another server

    HI, Iím running a Windows server 2003 R2 domain with DFS to duplicate files from one server to another. But the another server where I need to replicate the files gives a message saying ďThis file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.Ē

    I donít know how can I get rid of the same. The folder that was replicated is having a large number of files and it is about 30GB in total size. I tried to Unblock all this files on the server but not succeeded. So can anyone from here help me in this? Many thanks.

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    Re: Unblock files copied from another server

    Hello Saphire. Even Iím stuck with similar situation. In my case my server is running with Service Pack 2 and most probably this might be causing the problem. I thought to uninstall the same but before I do the same It would be great if the problem can be fixed without removing SP2. So did you found any solution?

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    Re: Unblock files copied from another server

    One of my clients is also facing the same problem. His server doesnít have SP2 installed. So what I guess would be causing the problem is Internet Explorer 7. If this not the problem then, he recently installed few patches from Windows Update. I guess some patches might be creating the problem. While I was testing his server I came to know that he installed total 9 patches but only 4 of them are displayed. I donít have any idea how can I fix this problem.

    Hope somebody here can.

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    Re: Unblock files copied from another server

    Hey guys, here is piece of info which might help you guys getting rid of the same. The files get blocked due to ďData Stream.Ē Whenever you download files in Internet explorer you use to get a security window asking for your explicit permission to open a file or run an executable. The same security window appear in XP and 2003 when you open a file after saving it to your local drive. To see the named data stream, use the More command as follows:

    More < executablename.exe:zone. marking

    Each time you launch an executable (or script) from Explorer that has this named data stream, either on the same machine or from a network share, you'll get the security warning you mentioned. This warns users that an executable downloaded from the Internet stays potentially dangerous even after it lands on a local drive.

    In order to get those warning pop ups you will first need to remove the named data stream. In order to that you can make use of Streams utility from Sysinternals Let me know if you need any more help.

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