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Thread: Clear password history from Domain Account

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    Clear password history from Domain Account

    I need some help to wipe out the password history of a domain account. As per the settings the history can save upto 24 password. Now I want to clear them out so that no one can access them. But I a not able to find out any utility or options through which I can simply clear the history. How to wipe this out. What is the easy way of doing this.

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    It looks like some kind of complicated job. I am working on Server for past few years and till today I had never thought of this. It is really weird that there is no settings available through which you can wipe out existing password. You have to wait back until it expires completely or simply modify the password of existing account. There must be some kind of script that can do the job.

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    It is basically controlled by a registry settings. I am giving that information here. Through that you can simply disable the password history if not needed. The registry location for the same is : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\. Look for ValueName: CachedLogonsCount. In that then look for Data Type: REG_SZ and the value lies between 0 - 50. Set that to 0. If you need more information you can view the below link.

    Cached domain logon information

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