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Thread: Folder redirection of My Doc not working through GPO

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    Folder redirection of My Doc not working through GPO

    I need some help here to configure folder redirection using GPO. I am trying to redirect the users in My Document Folder. But somehow it looks a bit irritating. I did the same through a small article found on the web. But it did not work. No settings here is working. Can anyone provide me more appropriate solution through which I can simply configure Folder Redirection.

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    Re: Folder redirection of My Doc not working through GPO

    At the time of configuration did you used %username% respective to the user directory. You must check that. I think because of this you are not able to get a appropriate output. For more information I am giving you a link below that has ample of information on Folder Redirection.

    Folder Redirection

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    Are you facing any error while doing that. Because doing that from scratch will be much more helpful according to me. You might be not aware about the exact stuff to use. I am going to give you a link on the same. There are two links below which has ample of information on what you are looking for.

    Folder Redirection Overview

    Folder Redirection feature in Windows

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