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Thread: Group policy not processing properly

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    Group policy not processing properly

    I am working on a large network. I am using a Windows 2003 Server. Almost all the client on the network are running on Windows XP. So there was no issue with configuration. I am facing problem with group policy here. On the local network things looks to be working fine, but on large network it is not working properly. Group Policy settings are not applied properly on the remote system. I think this is some kind of replication issue. How can I fix this up.

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    Re: Group policy not processing properly

    Ensure that your sites are configured properly. All services must be working well to ensure that DC is able to gain access at all the IP. You can begin optimizing the most nearest DC first and then move ahead. Sometime it happens some Group Policy are not able to find the wan and that is the place where authentication problem appear.

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    Re: Group policy not processing properly

    There are some things that you need to check. First ensure that all the sites and subnets are properly configured and there is no issue with the settings. If configuration does not work fine, then there can be problem. Second go in event viewer and check out the logs. You can any find information on error occured on your system inside it. Third run gpresult and check back. Ensure that policies are properly applied or not.

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    It looks that gpo is not getting process properly for which you are getting error. You have to configure the settings properly. i am giving you a link that has appropriate information on policy deployment and it will help you more in finding a proper way of doing the process.

    Group Policy Planning and Deployment Guide

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    Guy Guys,

    Hey we are getting something similar but not the same. Our IE proxy settings in SBS2003 in GP are applying once, but when you turn it off, and then re-start up on the domain again , and log in, it's not adding the IE proxy settings into IE again.

    I did no a GPRESULT and found that the Proxy GP is under,
    "The following GPOs were not applied because they were filtered out".

    But there is no filter added? Any ideas?


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    same pb

    i have exactly the same pb
    2 DC on a single site network
    one GPO on the TSE SERVER OU with loopbak "merge" option
    all the user and computer part apply ... except proxy settings

    if y remove settings or spcify different ip address for proxy, it's allways the same one who appear on the client side (inTSEsesison off course)

    The userenv.log reply :

    USERENV(11f0.14b0) 19:03:52:140 PolicyChangedThread: UpdateUser failed with 1008.
    USERENV(1fc.1388) 19:04:16:578 MyRegUnLoadKey: Failed to unmount hive 00000005
    USERENV(1fc.1388) 19:04:16:609 DumpOpenRegistryHandle: 0 user registry handles leaked from \Registry\User\S-1-5-21-1614895754-492894223-1957994488-1167
    USERENV(1fc.1388) 19:04:16:609 UnloadUserProfileP: Didn't unload user profile <err = 0>
    USERENV(1fc.1388) 19:04:18:078 ReconcileFile: Unable to open temporary file
    USERENV(1fc.1388) 19:04:18:859 UnloadUserProfileI: UnloadUserProfileP failed with 0

    an idea ?

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    Pb solved .. i hope

    i think i have solve my pb :

    new OU TSE, i move one TSE server in
    new OU user, i move one unser in
    new GPO on ou tse
    new gpo on ou user

    all is ok

    and doing that i can see that i have pb with my adm files : The old policy was modified to hide some drives (A to F) and, when i create a new one ... Nodrives doesn' report this modification

    So i think that ADM files were corrupt during migration from Win2000/Ad2000 to Win2003/Ad2003

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    Same Problem Here

    Hi AT,
    I have a nework with the exact same issue your having.
    1 domain forest - Server 2003
    5 DC's in 5 different cities
    All the Client PC's are running Windows XP SP2.
    The GPO is applied to the OU's
    Everything works correctly at the FSMO location, but at some of the remote locations it is hit and miss. On some machines GP works correctly and others it does not. If you run a report it will tell you everything is processed correctly but it has not. Everyone has the same rights and are in the same OU. I am also thinking this is due to a slow connection.

    Have you found a solution as of yet?

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