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Thread: Minimum password length policy setting broken?

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    Minimum password length policy setting broken?

    I need some help to work with ldifde utility. I am trying to create a user on Windows Server with all the patches and updates installed. Somehow it looks there is a problem with password setup. Now I do not know what happens to ldifde utility. It is not working. I am using a simple password here.

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    re: Minimum password length policy setting broken?

    You have to ensure that you can properly configure the password policy settings. It looks you are missing something here. The settings are applied on the default domain gpo. And so on the users also. A number of time common mistakes appear due to which you face issue with policy settings. You must simply ensure that the complexity of password is configured on minimum.

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    Check the link below. If you are not able to work with minimum password length policy then you can simply try to enforce strong password. I am sure that is going to work really well. The password policy here is not a issue the problem lies with configuration. The below link will guide you more on strong password usage.
    Enforcing Strong Password Usage Throughout Your Organization

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