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Thread: NTFRS error 13562

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    NTFRS error 13562

    I have recently move a DC and then I have started receiving NTFRS error 13508 and 13562. Below are the DCDiags for the new DC, that you can check out:

    Starting test: Advertising
    Warning: DsGetDcName returned information for \\, when we were trying to reach server. Server not responding or not suitable.

    I have checked that all roles were advertised via ntdsutil and gs configured on the server. Can I demote the DC if the error still happens? Thanks

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    Re: NTFRS error 13562

    It seems to me like a DNS issue. When you have moved the DC, then have you tried to re-register the new IP details in DNS? Below is an article on a DC changing website or IP which might help if the answer to the above question is no or dont know:

    Also check the event id website for some more information:

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    Re: NTFRS error 13562

    This DC is not moved to another domain. It is a replacement DC in an existing Windows 2003 domain. The roles and GCare verified to be referenced to the new DC. Before demotion of the old DC, should I seize the roles and move them va ntdsutil to ensure the roles have transferred?

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    You can try to remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain controller demotion. If you use the ADSI Edit snap-in, the LDP utility, or any other LDAP version 3 client, and you incorrectly modify the attributes of Active Directory objects, you can cause serious problems. More information can be found here- -

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