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Thread: Problem with dsadd user - directory not found

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    Problem with dsadd user - directory not found

    i use the following command for add user but message that directory not found!

    dsadd user "cn=mike, ou=departemant, ou=dep1, dc=test, dc=com" -pwd 123 -disabled no

    please help me.

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    Re: Problem with dsadd user - directory not found

    After check the for solutions i found out that the code that you are using is proper, that is;


    Also, without pulling up a cmd and trying it myself, one suggestion I would have is to split your batch file into 2 parts. First the dsadd user, then a second command using dsmod to add the users to the group:

    dsmod group group_dn -addmbr member_dn

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    Re: Problem with dsadd user - directory not found

    There would be certain issue with the syntax that you are using. Try to remodify the same and then check. Ensure that the domain which you are providing in the syntax should be live or else the error is common. And if the error continous it is recommended that you must build each and every common one by one. If the there is something broken in the syntax you cannot add user via dsadd. There are certain sample scripts on the web which can help you to generated a automated bat file for the process.

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    Re: Problem with dsadd user - directory not found

    Even I will advice you to have a look on the syntax first. Before the object directory not found error appears when you had not provided a proper domain controller or when there is something missing. A common examle of dsadd is - dsadd ou "ou=guyds, dc=cp, dc=com". Here you have to add properly information related to your user addition in specificied directory.

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