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Thread: Domain controllers wont replicate

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    Domain controllers wont replicate

    I need some help with DC replication. I am new on this and stuck at one place. I joined a new company and I found that the primary DC is not replicating with others. There are two domain here. The DC2 replicate well with DC1, but the first one fails to replicate the settings properly. There are certain changes which are still not applied on the first one due to which users are complaining. what can be issue behind this.

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    Are you getting any errors. If yes then update the same and then it will be easier to assist. You can run dcdiag and found the errors. I think this issue mostly lies with configuration. There is some kind of connectivity issue that is causing the trouble. You will need to provide the log report here which is giving out the error. Just provide the complete information on the error and then it will be more easier to help you.

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    The DC1 holds the FSMO roles. You have to first remove DC2 and then simply run metadata cleanup. You have to do this on DC2 especially so that the settings can be restored or wipe out properly. Due to broken connectivity such problem appear. Here the transfer fails to work properly. Just remove DC1 and then re-install everything back from scratch. That will give you more help in fixing the issue.

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    i was thinking to transfer FSMO roles to DC2, and demote srv01 because most of the newest data are on DC2. When i connect new computer on domain, it registers on DC2 (there are many new computers registerd on domain, but not shown in AD on DC1) . I also assume that most of new data like user passwords on domain are on DC2. I'm afraid that when i demote and clean DC2 all of data will be lost. I have one more question, when i demote server, will NTDS settings on other computer dissapear, or i will have to remove them manually?

    i have changed registry key for replication with corrupt partner, and replication went well, but there are same errors on DC1 regarding corrupted database etc. I can't reinstall DC1 or DC2 because there are lot of applications running on both of these servers and these application are major applications in company. I was thinkig to buy two additional servers only for dedicated domain controllers. What are the steps for migrating DC's on new servers. I want to migrate DC1 and DC2 on "DC3" and "DC4" because i think that these applications on current servers are making a lot of problems. DC1 is also fax server, backup device, general antivirus server, print server, application server, and terminal server, and DC2 is also proxy server, application server, file server, and SQL database server. I think that if i transfer these DC's on another servers there will be no more problems. What do you think ?

    il reply to You when i transfer my DC's

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