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Thread: query the last login time of the computer/server

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    query the last login time of the computer/server

    I want to clear some old computers and Servers account from the domain that we are using. I also want to be able to generate a report to tell me week since used, last logon to that computers/servers or disable or not. I have tried oldcmp.exe, and I am not 100% sure the report is proper since some of the computers lastLogonTimestamp is 2008 which is not proper. Is there anyone who knows about a vb script or tools that can allow me to do this. Thanks.

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    Re: query the last login time of the computer/server

    Incase you are running computers with older dates then what you expect, I think that you have downed a DC that these machines used to authenticate against. Each DC has its own date of the last logon for each accout. There is a script that list last logon for each user account and that could be modified to use machine account that you can search on the net.

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