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Thread: Migrate users from Existing Windows 2003 Domain to new 2008 Domain

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    Migrate users from Existing Windows 2003 Domain to new 2008 Domain

    There are users on an existing Windows 2003 domain and the company want to move users to a new 2008 domain, with new AD as they would like to change the domain name. Can anyone tell me whats the proper way to go for that? Thanks.

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    You can try to go with the ADMT solution, but if Exchange is involved then it is a bit more complicated. Also if there is a project budget left then you may also want to look into the Quest Migration tools, which is very easy to use. Anways, then ADMT is also free and works properly.

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    Re: Migrate users from Existing Windows 2003 Domain to new 2008Domain

    Will it be fine if I introduce Windows 2008 server as ADC, transferring the roles from Windows 2003 to 2008 and then renaming the Windows 2008 domain? Thanks

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    As mentioned earlier, ADMT will do that pretty easily. Incase you use Exchange then you need to post the version that you have. I wont choose the same name as for external for the new domain name, if you have one.

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