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Thread: ldap query with guid

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    ldap query with guid

    Can anyone tell me how to specify a LDAP query with a filter for a guid? I need to query for the property "msexchmailboxguid", and I think this value could be of type "16 bytes array", not "guid", which could make it hard to specify in a query tool. The query with a filter is like:

    will work, but the filter:
    will not return any AD object.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: ldap query with guid

    Can you check if the below filter works for that GUID:


    It it is working, then it is just a case of wanting to convert the COM style string format GUID t binary format and then prefixing each byte with a \. I have a tool on my site in the files called GUIDConverter that simplifies the conversion of GUIDs to formats that are useful in LDAP.

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    Re: ldap query with guid

    I think that you should use the hex format for the guid and then escape the hex characters. For instance, if the objectGUID is "{B95F3990-B59A-4A1B-9E96-86C66CB18D99}", then the hex format is "90395FB99AB51B4A9E9686C66CB18D99", and you will use:


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