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Thread: DHCP Reservation (active)/(inactive)

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    DHCP Reservation (active)/(inactive)

    We are running a Windows 2003 DHCP server. There are some static reservations done within the DHCP range based on MAC address. Now under the leases I found following reservations done: Reservation(active), Reservation(inactive). The problem is that "Reservation(active)" ones actually for some the PC is already retired and offline but the DHCP stills shows under the Leases as "Reservation(active)". Any idea what is it showing the retired PCs as Active?

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    Re: DHCP Reservation (active)/(inactive)

    This may because IIRC is a lease that is yet not expired. By the way how long it has been since that machines expired? Also until you will release on the ip address it will be considered in use until the expiration period +4 hours. This is because the client computer is not on the network. You can get more info about the same in this Microsoft Article describing: DHCP Lease Grace Period Is Four Hours

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    Thanks for your reply Justice. The pc was retired about a week ago and we have set the lease duration for 8 hours. So I guess the record must be retired by next week, right ?

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    Re: DHCP Reservation (active)/(inactive)

    Hey can you just tell me does it still show the same when you refresh the page ? If you ping the IP address do you get a reply?

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    Re: DHCP Reservation (active)/(inactive)

    From my experience with DHCP and reservations (quite a lot!) you will always see "Reservation(Active)" after a device has used the reservation, even for a single time and then never connected again on the network.

    If you edit the reservation and just change the reservation name, you will see that it changes to "Reservation(Inactive)" - then all you need to do is look again a week later (or whatever time you feel feasible) and if it is still inactive, you can likely remove the reservation.

    It's just a Microsoft thing! The assumption is that once it was active, it always is ;-) DHCP does not check it's reservations to see when they were actually last used.

    Hope this helps you.

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