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Thread: Domain functional level

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    Domain functional level

    I am using Windows Server 2003 AD domain in Windows 2000 mixed mode. We are also having a single Exchnage 2003, which is configured for RPC over HTTPS, server and ISA 2004 at the perimeter. I am looking to raise the domain functional level to Windows 2003. What is the disadvantage and any advantage for the same. Thanks.

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    Re: Domain functional level

    Check the below link that discusses raising the domain and forest functional levels that are supported by Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based or newer domain controllers:

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    In my domain, the functional level is Windows 2000 native.

    I am trying to raise the functional level and receive an error that can not.
    When I look at the log file it states that -
    The following domain controllers are running earlier versions of windows:
    xx.xx.xx server.domain. Windows Server 2003 5.2 (3790)

    There are 3 domain controllers in this domain, earch running enterprise 2003 sp2. I do not know why it says earlier version - what does this mean? It is has current updates applied.

    I want to raise it to windows 2003. The server it is squawking about has 2003 on it and there are no other DC with 2000

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    The domain controller that you were having was "xx.xx.xx server.domain. Windows Server 2003 5.2 (3790)" or previously a windows 2000 server that was upgraded to 2003? You will need to check manually the guidelines given in the microsoft website link above and see if that solves the issue.

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    Re: Domain functional level

    Still dealing with this...

    The specific error, when I R click on domain and select Raise Domain function level is:
    Current domain functional level:
    Windows 2000 native
    You cannot raise the domain functionallevel because this domain includes domain controllers that are not running the appropriate version of Windows.

    To save a file with the details on which domain controllers need to be upgraded, clice Save As.

    When I save the file it gives the name of one of my DC's. But is is Windows 2003. It was an inplace upgrade way back.

    No matter what I do, can not raise. I have even tried the manual process and that will not work, same errors.

    Tomorrow, am calling MS.

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