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Thread: Unable to Block Group Policy Inheritance

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    Unable to Block Group Policy Inheritance

    I am using Windows 2003 Server. It is an SP2 edition. Now there is a group policy which works on the user level and allows drive mapping. There is one more OU Name server in the system that simply block the inheritance of GPO named login. Named Login is the group policy. Now I had checked everything but somehow it looks the policy fails to work properly. I want some help here to block the group policy from the server.

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    The reason behind issue you are facing lies in the user configuration policy. The configuration is simply applied to the user not the machine. Now here it is not possible to block the inheritance on the server. You have to use ServersOU that must be child OU of Accounts OU. There are some links available below which will give you more general idea about what you are trying to do.

    Loopback processing of Group Policy
    Using Loopback Processing to Configure User Settings
    Loopback processing with merge or replace

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    I need some urgent help please!!

    I have 2000 server domain recently i have implemental user configuration Desktop policy so all user have same desktop wallpaper.

    Some how i need to exclude this policy to apply to my member server on domain.

    When same user log on to specific server i don't want member server on domain to have Desktop wallpaper applied.
    Is there any solution to this issue?

    I have created new OU and added member server in OU
    Configured new GPO called Block Desktop for this OU and enabled loopback policy in replcae mode.

    But when i try to log on to member server i still get Desktop wallpaper from my User configuration GPO.

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    Florian Frommherz [MVP] Guest
    Configure a different wallpaper GPO for the OU the member server is in
    and configure a loopback policy accordingly.

    Yeah, try to configure a different wallpaper in the new GPO for that
    member server (in User Configuration)

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    Re: Unable to Block Group Policy Inheritance

    I have configured different wallpaper ne new GPO for member server group in user configuration i still get my original wallpaer from 1st GPO.

    Not sure what's going on.

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