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Thread: Urgent: All AD users are locked out

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    Urgent: All AD users are locked out

    We are on a Windows 2003 Domain with more than 400 users account. Today in the evening all users are locked out frequently? Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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    Re: Urgent: All AD users are locked out

    It looks to me that you might have got virus on your network or some other person is trying to crack passwords. Are you able to logon to any of your domain controllers? If so, then check the security log for event ID 644, which is logged when an account is locked. Check the value for Caller Machine Name, that should tell you where the account lockouts are coming from.

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    First of all try to enable auditing and check the security logs where those lockouts happen. Also check whether loosening the security policy is an option for you or instead of locking users completely out, disable the account for some minutes and see what happens.

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    Thanks to Identify the root cause. many organization is facing the same issue. This Article would really helps to others.. Thanks again

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