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Thread: Domain Controller "status"on new W2K8 server is "not available"

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    Domain Controller "status"on new W2K8 server is "not available"

    I had configured a new Domain Controller. There is a new windows server installed which has Windows Server 2008 x64 bit OS. Later on performing adprep, dns and ad ds role I went into the server and ran dcpromo.exe. I am trying to replicate the file roles to the new server. Now it looks to be working fine here. After a few while there is a dialog box on the screen which says about change domain controller. I went inside the Server Manager > Roles > AD Services > AD User and Computer, and found that DC is not available. While the status indicate that it is online. Can anyone help me out here.

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    I think you can simply ignore the situation right now. I am facing exactly the same thing but I did nothing. Still things look proper here.

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    Re: Domain Controller "status"on new W2K8 server is "not available"


    I have the same problem at the AD UC. I am able to move the FISMO roles to the second DC that shown as unavailable. My question is ,Lets say after moving those roles I would like to shutdown my primary DC forever. Will the second DC which shown unavailable will take over the AD roles and will be online or Do I need to keep my primary DC to get the unavailable DC to hold those roles. Thanks..


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