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Thread: How to Configure a 2003 BDC

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    How to Configure a 2003 BDC

    At our office we have about 60 clients connected to our Windows 2003 Enterprises Server which is configured as a single Domain Controller windows 203 domain. Two days ago we also installed a new Backup Domain with Windows Server 2003 Enterprises. While doing the same I ran “Configure your server wizard” and received the following error message saying something like:

    “its now another domain controller..”

    All fine until now. But what I want to know here is this server using the main server as its DNS ? I’m asking this because if the PDC fails I wasn’t able to configure it as an additional DNS. So I’m worried how all users will be able to log on to the domain if there is no another DNS online?

    Any idea or help will appreciated.

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    RE: How to Configure a 2003 BDC

    I dont think there is any option or step you can install or verify the DNS role on the server while installing a second domain controller. You only need to install the DNS manually from Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Components under Networking. If you will run dnsmgmt.msc (DNS Management) you will find your zone in there as it will have replicated from your other DC. Let me know if you need any more help.

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    RE: How to Configure a 2003 BDC

    Hello Theo-Dore, the very first thing you need to know is there is no primary DC and backup DC in Windows 2003 server. What ever is there is your FSMO roles. If you add an additional DC it will contain a replica of your first DC. So you need to make sure that your workstations DNS settings point to both dc's to ensure their computers will work with first dc down and then make also the second dc a global catalog.

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    Re: How to Configure a 2003 BDC

    As far as i know it will be very helpful if you will run AD integrated dns. IN order to know how to convert dns primart to AD integrated, just check this KB Article:;en-us;198437

    Secondly, to configure DNS on bot of the Domain controllers make sure you point to itself as well as the other dc for dns services. Also all your users or workstations should be aware of your two domain controllers.

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