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    Add links to desktop

    Can anyone help me to configure the active directory on a small network. I am having a pc setup of around 5 to 10 pc only. I want to add a OU on the network so that there will be some set of links on each user pc. But I am not able to find any policy related to that. There are some webpages link that I want to configure on the desktop. I think there is a possibility of doing that.

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    There are two methods of doing the same. First you can do that via logon script. You just need to copy the shortcut on the network share and then put them on the desktop. That would be simply. The code used for the same is - copy \\server\share$\shortcuts\myShortcut.lnk %userprofile%\Desktop. The second way is by Group Policy Preferences. You have to add that on the client pc and through gui you can manage the same.

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    For Group Policy you have to install Client Side Extension. Or else it will not work. You have to install the same on target pc and then you can go ahead with deploying the preference settings. The CSE is available for Windows XP, 2003 and Windows Vista. And if you are working on Windows Server 2008 the same will be available on it.

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