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Thread: Force Domain Controller Preference

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    Force Domain Controller Preference

    We are having a small network with 30 clients. I am using a primary domain controller/DNS/GC server that can easily handle all these services for such a small network. There is a second DC/DNS/GC server on the network that is for redundency, if the primary is not available. How do I force member servers and desktops to try to authenticate with the primary DC first before trying the second one?

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    Re: Force Domain Controller Preference

    You can try to do what you are looking for by adjusting the priority of the DNS SRV records for both domain controllers. Check the website below for more information:

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    You need to adjust the DNS record priority for the most powerfull DC and ensure that the value if lower than the DC that should not be used. You can even try to use a GPO or configgure the local registry to do that:

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